Paper Presentation

Eligibility Criteria:

Participants with a valid identity card or a Bonafide Certificate from their institute are eligible to participate.

Event Format

  1. Preliminary round will be held online. New ideas are appreciated and papers with originality and feasibility are given preference in the selection.
  2. The number of teams which will be selected depends upon the participation.
  3. The topics for the presentation include:
  4. Clusters:
    1. Manufacturing
    2. Automobiles
    3. Thermodynamics & Power generation
    4. Design
    5. Miscellaneous

General Rules

  1. Maximum of two members allowed per team.
  2. Any number of teams from a college can submit their papers.
  3. Participants are not allowed to submit more than one paper.
  4. Participants can submit their papers in a maximum of 2 clusters, depending on the content of the paper.
  5. If shortlisted, they will be allowed to present it in only one cluster. (Specify your priorities in case of selection in both clusters).
  6. Participants are required to send a soft copy of their entire paper, in the IEEE format.
  7. The paper length should not exceed 12 pages, of the format specified.
  8. Participants whose papers are shortlisted shall be informed personally through mail. The names will be put up on the website as well.
  9. Participation certificate will be given to all the shortlisted participants.

Paper Submission

  1. Participants have to submit their full paper for scrutiny, abstracts will not be entertained.
  2. The document format has to be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Printable Document Format (.pdf) only.
  3. The title of the submitted file must be a shortened version of their paper title. (eg: -Suppose my paper title is “How to make the tastiest lemon juice from a given lemon, squeezer, water and ice”, then the name of my file will be “making tastiest lemon juice.doc”)
  4. Participants are requested to submit their papers in IEEE format. In case it is not possible, submitting the papers in any internationally recognized format is allowed. Else, they can submit their papers in a neat, legible, coherently arranged format, with perfect alignment, font adjustments (sizes, font type), naming of figures/tables/charts and references.
  5. Papers with improper formatting will be sent back to the participants and they are encouraged to submit it again after re-formatting.
  6. Kindly keep the font color of your paper as black (excluding figures, charts, tables).
  7. Kindly provide your names, email addresses and contact numbers in the paper that you submit.
  8. Last date for submission of paper is 16 th March, 2017. The shortlisted participants will be informed by 16th midnight. Those participants will be allowed to present their paper during Synergy. The papers must be submitted to

Presentation Details

  1. The presentation time will be 8 minutes + some time for questions and answers as per discretion of the judges.
  2. Exceeding of time limit will invoke negative points.
  3. Please bring your presentation in the form of .ppt or .pdf. Any other form of the file will not be entertained, please bring the file in a pen drive (avoid CD/DVD).
  4. The participants can include any type of media (pictures, videos) in their presentation, provided they do not show any controversial clips.
  5. All participants are strongly requested to be present at the venue15 minutes prior to the start of the presentation; once the event has begun the doors of the presentation hall will be closed and further entry will not be allowed. This is a very specific rule to be followed as it was requested by the judges themselves.
  6. Decision of judges will be final and binding on all participants. Any discussions regarding evaluation process at any stage shall not be entertained. Selected participants for the final round are requested to prepare their presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.ppt) or Printable Document Format (.pdf) only.