Paper Plane


The winners will be determined in the following three disciplines:

  1. Longest Airtime :Winner of this category will be the plane (made out of just one sheet of paper) that manages to stay in the air the longest.
  2. Longest Distance:Winner of this category will be the plane (made out of just one sheet of paper) that flies the longest distance between the lift-off and the landing point within the provided Air Space.
  3. Aerobatics :Creativity & style – that is what it takes to make a paper plane fly artistically through the air.

A jury will determine the winner according to following criteria:

  1. Construction (technical) of the paper plane
  2. Creativity (art & design)
  3. Flight performance


  1. Paper planes must only be constructed out of one A4 piece of paper:(Standard A4 format (297x210mm), not more than 100gms). The sheet must be modified by folding only! No ripping, gluing, cutting, stapling or ballasting is allowed!
  2. The body of the plane needs to be out of A4 paper but there are no restrictions with regards to paper quality, size and construction technique. Do not use support material for the construction of planes.
  3. Paper planes have to be built at site in front of the organizers.
  4. The aircraft must be launched by one person throwing the aircraft unaided from behind a straight launch line marked on the floor. Passing over the launch line leads to an invalid attempt. Touching the launch line or any point beyond during the launch, leads to an invalid attempt. The thrower may move beyond the launch line, after the paper plane hits the ground or any object.
  5. Two trials per participant are allowed. A participant can handle only one plane.
  6. Planes are not allowed to be remote controlled nor to use stored energy (battery, etc.)
  7. Ready-made planes cannot be brought along to the competition.
  8. There are no limitations with regards to the body style while throwing.
  9. Each participant has a time slot of 1 minute to perform.
  10. The decision taken by the event manager is final.