Junkyard Wars

Event Format

Round 1

  1. Each team will be given a question paper on the day of event. Questions will test the participants’ knowledge in basic physics, mechanics and engineering concepts (required for the second round).
  2. Time allotted for the round will be 50 minutes.
  3. Only one submission is allowed per team.
  4. No modifications can be made once the answers are submitted.
  5. After round 1 the teams selected for the round 2 will be informed.

Round 2

  1. Each team can have a maximum of 5 students per team.
  2. Each team must formulate their own ideas and designs. Plagiarism in any form shall lead to disqualification.
  3. Non-working models will not be allowed to be showcased.
  4. All the team members must be present during the finals.
  5. Participants must comply with the rules of the Workshop area where the model will be built.
  6. Junkyard Wars is not responsible for any loss of property, injury and delays caused by participants during the event.
  7. Junkyard Wars reserves the right to eliminate the participants in case of any misconduct.
  8. Decision of the judges is final and binding.