Fix Them Up

Event objective:

Join the dismantled components.

Event rules:

  1. First round will be a written round of one hour duration. The participants will be tested on their basic mechanical engineering knowledge and on their practical understanding. Both objective and subjective questions will be asked .This is a qualifying round and marks scored in this round will not be considered for the final evaluation.
  2. Only top 10 performers in the first round will be eligible to participate in the second round.
  3. Second round will be the Fix ‘em up round where the participants will be given dismantled components of two mechanical assemblies.
  4. Participants’ compete with time in fixing up the first component .A fixed time (decided on the basis of complexity of the given assembly) will be given to assemble the components in the right manner. Points will be awarded based on the degree of completion.
  5. Fixing of the second assembly is not time bound. Points will be awarded based on the order of completion.
  6. Top three contestants will get certificates and cash prizes. Criteria: points scored in Round 2.
  7. Judges decision will be final and binding.

Event required inventory:

Question paper for round 1
Stuff to assemble