CAD Modelling

Event Format

Your task is simple. All you need to do is to solve the given problem statement by unleashing your design skills. Simpler and effective design would have the upper hand in the event. The event consists of two rounds- prelims and finals.

  1. Round 1: A set of 5 subjective questions will be given and the top 10 TEAMS will be selected for the next round. The questions will be based on basic concepts of engineering drawing. A team can have a maximum of two students.
  2. Round 2: A problem statement will be given challenging your 3-D modeling skills. Your task is to solve it using your design skills. Design is supposed to completed within the given time duration. Time taken and number of features added will be taken into account. The problem statement will be given on the day of the event. (Time Limit - 2 hrs)


  1. A maximum of two per team is to enroll for this event. The team members can be from different colleges/institutions.
  2. Any of the following design software can be used in the event: Creo 2.0 parametric, Catia, Solidworks, Pro E. (In case you are using some other software ask the organizers prior to the event).
  3. No plagiarism encouraged.
  4. Originality, creativity, clarity of the idea, feasibility of design will be checked rigorously.
  5. Decision of the judges will be final.